My Invisalign Journey with David McConville Orthodontics

Hi guys,

I decided to share my Invisalign journey with you because I hope it will

1. Encourage you to go for this treatment as well and
2. Answer some of the questions I get asked about it

I’m 5 months into my treatment now and it all started in April. To be quite honest my teeth were never really bad (according to my friends and family) but I was never completely happy with them. I wore a dental gum shield at night when I was 10 years old for a year if I can recall correctly and it got rid of the big gap in the middle and my overbite which were the main problem then but once I stopped wearing it, my teeth moved again and I was left with gaps in my lower teeth and slightly protruding upper teeth.

There’s something about a gorgeous wide smile in a person; they ooze with confidence. It’s the first thing I notice in a person, I always remember people’s teeth, is that weird?

I came across David McConville Orthodontics stand at a wedding fair in Galway before our show. Michelle was there talking to all the bride and grooms-to-be who were interested in the treatment leading up to their big day. So I asked Michelle a million questions and I decided to book an appointment.

On my consultation day, David checked my teeth and confirmed that I was a right candidate for the treatment. Everyone’s case is different and unfortunately not everyone can get it but that’s why you should book a consultation. And it’s a good chance to ask all those important questions – cost of treatment for your case, how often do you have to check in with your progress etc. They offer free consultations in their Sligo and Donegal office.

There’s something about a gorgeous wide smile in a person; they ooze with confidence. It’s the first thing I notice in a person.

On my second visit, David showed me the technology he was going to use to take what I call a virtual mould of my teeth (digital scan). Before this technology was invented, he told me, you had to bite into a piece of mould, which then had to be sent away and it would take a long time before they received the aligners (braces). So with this small piece of apparatus he ‘scanned’ all my upper and lower teeth, and there they were, my dental impressions in 3D on a computer screen in minutes. I could see my whole progress timeline on the computer – what my teeth looked like on day 1 and what they will look like at the end of the treatment, it was like looking into the future! That file got sent away for manufacturing and I was able to collect my trays 3-4 weeks later!

Wearing them for the first time was strange of course but it didn’t impact my daily routine that much. In fact it helped me with snacking (I’m a devil for it) and my teeth are cleaner and whiter than ever because I’m brushing them more than twice a day now and I floss them regularly. I never realised how lazy I had gotten with looking after my smile.

After wearing normal trays for a couple of weeks, I went back to David to get attachments on my teeth. They are tiny little bumps (white filling material) attached to your teeth. I got 4 in total on upper teeth and 4 on lower. You barely notice them but to be honest I never knew about this part of the treatment before getting Invisalign. But I know understand what they are for. The idea is that this added bump provides an anchor point, one that helps to direct the forces of the aligner more effectively to the tooth.

During the time that I wear my aligner (I change them every 10 days, some change them every week or 2 weeks) it gradually becomes loser and not as tight-fitting as on day 1 of that specific tray and I always thought it’s because the aligner has changed shape but it’s actually the alignment of my teeth that’s different (duh) (which means it’s working yay!).

Every aligner is different (like I said I change my ones every 10 days) and they move a selected group of teeth by a very small fraction, like 0.25mm I read somewhere. They seem like extremely small changes (I’d imagine we would be in serious pain and not able to eat if they changed more drastically) but the result at the end of your treatment will show the real changes.

I think I have covered the most important factors in this post so my next article will describe how I manage them on a daily basis and the tips I’ve picked up over the last 5 months.

Simona x