My One & Only Hair Treatment for Super Sleek & Silky Hair

Hey girls,

I wanted to have this post written for a while now because it’s something I get asked about quite a bit. I have to say there are so many different factors that contribute to the overall health of our hair including diet, hair products, maintenance etc. I’m by no means an expert on this but having my hair coloured for the last 10 years and having my hair backcombed and heat applied to it nearly every week, I think I’m eligible to give a few tips and product recommendations that work for me 😉

In this post I’ll cover what hair treatments I use to keep my hair frizz-free and silky.

Usually after a show or on days where I feel my hair feels dull or becomes static I know straight away that it’s dehydrated and I kick myself for it because I know I hadn’t been drinking enough water or I haven’t done a treatment for a while.

Evening time

So what I do first is I brush my hair out properly, starting from ends and working to the roots. I then apply an overnight repair treatment – I use this one from Satinique . What it does it hydrates and nourishes damaged hair and the hair cuticles. If I feel that my hair is extremely dry I apply a spoonful of coconut oil on top of that. I just rub the hardened coconut oil in my hands until it melts and rub it all over my hair including my roots because my scalp can get pretty dry too. In this case I know my hair will need to be washed in the morning so don’t apply coconut oil if you know you won’t have time to wash it out.

I make a plait and sleep with the treatment in my hair.

In the morning I wash my hair with my normal hair shampoo and always always use a hair mask in the shower (or a conditioner) otherwise I wouldn’t be able to brush it out without breaking my poor hair!

When my hair is still damp I apply Alfaparf Extraordinary All-in-1 Fluid. This is a miracle treatment. It has so many benefits!! I couldn’t live without it now! It detangles, creates shine, protects against damaging UVA and UVB rays (perfect for sunny holidays), makes hair ultra sleek, it’s everything!!! I leave it in and let my hair self dry for a few minutes. I never EVER brush my hair while it’s wet because I know I will only damage it and it will break. I blow dry it for a bit and then attempt to brush it out with my detangler brush, like I said before – ends first then work my way up to the root. I then apply Alfaparf Absolute Oil to further nourish and add shine to my hair.My Favourite Alfaparf Milano ProductsOf course nice hair starts with the best hairdresser and Daina has worked on my hair for years now and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her! She introduced me to Alfaparf products (she stocks them in her salon) and I absolutely fell in love with this brand. Her salon, Bliss Hair & Beauty is in Castlebar, Co. Mayo and you can find all these Alfaparf products there and much more.Daina Bliss Hair and Beauty at AlfaparfAAAND of course there is absolutely no way you can revive split ends, you just have to get a trim! I cut my hair every 6-8 weeks.

If you have any questions at all, please leave them below.

Simona x