Ultimate Grand Canyon Experience

O-M-G! Where do I start! This was definitely the highlight of our trip to California! We pre-booked the Grand Celebration Tour weeks in advance of our trip because it usually sells out and we definitely didn’t want to miss it.grand canyon tripWe chose an early morning flight because they say that the temperature can rise so high after noon that it just becomes really uncomfortable. Also thunderstorms tend to roll in later in the afternoon and some fights get cancelled, so we went for the safer option and my god it was AMAZING!

We booked with the Papillon Helicopters – which are world’s largest aerial sightseeing company and I must say they were brilliant from start to finish. With this tour package, the Grand Celebration, we got a hotel pick up. The bus brought us to the terminal where we got a brief of our trip and watched a safety video.grand canyon trip flatMy boyfriend requested front seats for the helicopter ride and once we got weighed at the terminal (people get seat allocations according to their weight) we received confirmation that we could take them. That cost $50 extra per person and trust me it’s so worth it!grand canyon trip 4So sitting beside the pilot all buckled up it only hit me then that we’re going to see one of world’s natural wonders. EEEK! Flying in such a small aircraft didn’t scare me at all, I was too excited and too busy to take photos.

Our pilot Florian, was very funny. He kept us entertained through out the whole flight and gave us information about each landmark. We flew over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and finally Grand Canyon West. How crazy is it that 20 MILLION YEARS ago Colorado river started to carve it’s way through the layers of the rock . . .grand canyon trip 1When we landed at the bottom of the Grand Canyon we were able to explore the area and we got a small picnic with a glass of champagne. My tip is to drink the champagne (cheers to life) and leave the lunch or pack it in your bag because in my opinion it’s just time wasted when you could be enjoying the most amazing view of the canyon. You get approx. 30 mins. in total. I mean it’s a nice way to meet and chat to the people who are in the same helicopter (ours were lovely) but is that reaaaally what you want to do 😉champagne at grand canyonAnyways it’s something that I would 100% recommend doing. I will certainly do it again when I’m back in Vegas! Oh, and watch this quick video I put together (only in HD) ❤  I hope you enjoyed reading this post guys, have a great weekend 🙂