Today I muted all Social Media Notifications

Hey guys,

Hope everyone had a fa-BOO-lous Halloween ! It’s so autumnal outside, I don’t remember autumn being so pretty and colourful in Ireland for a long time. I think there’s definitely less rain this year? I love that calm, nearly freezing cold air and long walks by the beach or in a park. Pure bliss!

Anyways, what I thought I’ll post about today is the constant phone beeping and annoying social media push notifications, because I must admit I am so sick of them. social-media-1795578_1920With so many social media channels packed onto our phone screens, I feel like it has become a full-time job and I’m not talking about posting on each, I’m talking about getting all these push notifications about someone changing their profile picture, or that I haven’t changed my profile picture in over 3 months (thanks for letting me know Facebook ) and all this non sense that shouldn’t be the first thing we see or check in the morning.

Phone vibrating and flashing LED with every single notification started to drive me crazy and made me think how many hours do I really spend on my phone collecting junk information. The red bubbles on each social media icon started to accumulate every hour unless I clicked into them to check ‘the updates’ – just like checking emails at work.

It’s clear the digital world is changing so rapidly that Facebook and Instagram (and other companies) are threatened to lose active users so they try to pull you back in with these useless notifications.

I’ve been meaning to sort out all my social media account settings for a while now but I kept putting it off – but today I had enough. I went through each app and turned off all the things I didn’t want to get notified about. I know some people would say why don’t you get off social media all together but that’s part of our job to spread the word about businesses we work with or any upcoming events.

If I encouraged you to do the same, then go into each app (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube etc.), go to your profile and you can make these changes in your account settings or notification settings, and you can either turn them all off or tailor it to your preferences.

I feel so much better already!

Until next time,

Simona x