4 Things I Did Before Buying a Full Gym Membership

Hello hello,

Hope everyone is having a lovely week, can you believe it’s November already?! I feel like we say this every month, but time is flying!

What I came on to talk about this evening is fitness and getting started in the gym.

A couple of years ago I didn’t have a clue about fitness or healthy living. I had no exercise routine, I didn’t think I needed it because I was pretty slim all my life but I was so wrong.

I started to take interest in it when the whole fitness phenomenon happened in Ireland, Pat Divilly being my main influence. I’d go to the gym on pay as you go and go on a treadmill or a bike. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing but running on a treadmill for 8 minutes and getting a stitch made me realise I wasn’t that fit at all. I was just back from my Erasmus year in Spain and I had gained a bit of weight (I have photos to prove it) .

I was always afraid to invest in a Full Year Membership because they can be quite pricey but this is what I did before I finally committed to one.

I know it sounds silly but getting good/comfortable gym gear is key. There’s nothing worse than going in and feeling crap about yourself. Don’t buy tops that are too tight and make you even more conscious about your figure or wear a light support bra and have your boobs spilling out of your top while you do some burpees. Invest in a few keys pieces like two pairs of leggings, a few high support sports bras and a jacket. And good runners of course, you don’t want to get injured.

If you feel absolutely petrified about entering the gym because you’ve no clue where to go and what to do, try a group fitness class. I started classes after I continuously failed at making progress in the gym on my own. I joined Forde Fitness in Westport to see if I’d learn anything and it was the best decision ever. George had pay as you go,weekly and monthly payment plans so that meant I didn’t have to commit to a full year if I didn’t like them. But I must say they were brilliant and that’s where my fitness journey started. You get to learn all sorts of exercises as the instructor is there to correct you and that way you can build your confidence lifting weights or using certain equipment. It’s a good introduction to the fitness world. And if you worry that you might look stupid on your first day, to be honest no-one cares, everyone is there to smash their own goals.

I also used to read blogs and watch videos online just to familiarise myself with equipment, terminology or how to correctly lift heavy weights.

Lastly, when you finally feel confident to join the gym on your own, always request an assessment. An assessment will determine your fitness level and a professional will then create a specific program tailored to your goals and lifestyle. It’s something that you should definitely take advantage off because they are free. They also go through all the equipment so you know where everything is and how to use it.

sport-2260736_1920Fitness classes are brilliant if you have little time and no major goals, where as having a specific plan created for you probably requires more attention so that’s when you hit the gym hard and there’s not better feeling when you start to see changes .

I hope I inspired a few of you to get over the fear of joining the gym! You can do it! Small steps lead to big changes, so start today by watching a fitness video?

Talk soon,

Simona x