Top 5 Fitness & Wellness Influencers You Should Follow

Hi guys,

Well 2018 has approached way quicker than I expected but I’m so excited about what’s to come in the new year! 2017 has been amazing in terms of work, the friendships I made, memories we created and trips we took, I’m leaving this year with a big smile on my face and butterflies in my belly with the thoughts of new opportunities and exciting projects in the pipeline with work and blogging. Like I mentioned in my bio, I really couldn’t have done half of what I did without the most inspiring, loving and caring friends and family. And thanks for everyone for reading and engaging with my posts ❤

In this post I wanted to share a couple of fitness and wellness influencers I follow, who inspire me to live a healthier and a more positive life and all for different reasons.

I, like many other people, do the ‘New Year New Me’ thing or try anyway but I definitely have to turn to these guys for fitness and food inspiration. I’m all about girl power and I love seeing how many women have chosen to lead healthier lifestyles in recent years. Go us!

Tone It UpTop 5 Fitness Influencers 7I started my fitness journey watching these girls’ videos on YouTube because they were so much fun! Their videos are perfect for beginners and they concentrate on toning rather than bulking/adding mass. They have amazing tailored programs to suit whatever level and they run the famous Bikini Series so you’re bikini ready for the summer. They also make gorgeous simple foods that look and taste delicious! Check out their website here.

Joe Wicks – The Body CoachTop 5 Fitness Influencers (4)I usually turn to the Body Coach for my HIIT sessions. He has a load of them uploaded on his YouTube channel and they’re between 15-20 mins but trust me you’ll be sweating! Joe is great for doing Live Stream on his Facebook page so you’ve no excuse not to workout! I also bought two of his Lean in 15 recipe books and they’re the best! Really tasty low-calorie meals made in minutes. I don’t believe in tasteless food or a diet, so his books are bursting with flavour!

Lyzabeth LopezTop 5 Fitness Influencers (3)This lady is an award-winning master trainer and will help you grow a serious booty! When I run out of ideas in the gym of how to increase gains (I find it impossible) I always check her posts on Instagram for inspiration.


Top 5 Fitness Influencers (1)

This fitness centre in New York post a lot of videos of VS models including Romee Strijd, Taylor Hill and Barbara Palvin sweating their asses off so it’s cool to see that they put in a lot of hard work to look the way that they do. Really kicks your ass to go to the gym!

Nikki Sharp

Top 5 Fitness Influencers (6)

I’ve been following Nikki on social media on and off for 5 years now. She’s well-known for her 5-day detox and delicious, colourful recipes. You can find some of her lovely free recipes here.

I’d love to know who you follow or look up to in the fitness and wellness industry, I’m always on a look out for new ones to follow!

Here is to another healthy, positive and fit year!

Simona x