How To Wear A Polo Neck | The Chic Way

Happy weekend my lovelies!

So everyone said hello to a new month yesterday and waved goodbye to the longest January eeeever. Was it really that long? haha. It sort of flew for me but I guess it’s because I don’t really have weekends off so I’m always on the road to somewhere and time just flies by. Hope you all have some nice plans for February, I feel like half of the country will be in Lanzarote or Tenerife? Are you one of them? #jealous

It’s still so cold out so I thought I’ll do a quick blog post about polo necks and how to style them like a pro. Sounds a bit boring I know but I promise you’ll fall in love with my wonderful star buy. On an OK / 10 degrees kinda day you would usually find me wearing at least 3 layers of clothing. I’m nearly certain I’m the coldest person in Ireland. Can I have an award for that?

I have to admit I do love a nice polo neck but I know some people find it quite granny-ish looking (i.e. my boyfriend) but aren’t they just the cosiest things ever? I’ve been on a search to find one that doesn’t cost a fortune (most of the nice ones I came across were cashmere etc.) but it was really hard!

My problemo was solved when I arrived to a photo shoot at Carraig Donn for their new SS18 Collection and saw these beauties hanging in all shades of gorgeousness. When I say they feel like fluffy clouds (which I imagine feel amazing) I mean it. I couldn’t believe my luck. BUT the best bit is that they retail at only €21.95 and have a cashmere blend through them. What?!

Shop them here.

OK let’s have a look at them. I’ve chosen these four as my favourite because of the beautiful pastel colours.

carraig donn polo neck

carraig donn polo neck

carraig donn polo neck

carraig donn polo neck

And if you love darker and brighter colours, they have a nice selection too. I fell in love with the cobalt blue and the magenta one, such vibrant colours.

There are lots of ways of styling them and I guess it depends on your personal style but don’t rule out skirts. I love how Holly Willoughby dresses her polo necks up, very chic and elegant.

I would personally style them with distressed jeans and boots just like the style queen Victoria Beckham, I love that boyish silhouette.

victoria beckham style inspiration

Here are some other looks to experiment with. You can really style them for any occasion; office, lunch or even late drinks with the girls.

I hope you found some inspiration here on how to style a simple polo neck. I’ve my two polo necks ordered, so I can’t wait to wear them and I’ll be sure to take snaps of them and post them on my IG @only_simona.

Talk soon,

Simona x