A New Beginning #MyFitnessJourney

Push harder than yesterday, if you want a different tomorrow . . 

Ohh I’ve been dreading this week since my gym membership expired in November! I took a fabulously long break from fitness and now it’s the start of February and I think it’s a good time to start again. From cooking nice protein rich meals to making a good effort in the gym, it’s baby steps right?

To be honest I was meant to start this ‘new year new me’ approach maybe mid January but every single day I just couldn’t bring myself to do anything at all. Even a 15 minute workout at home felt pointless because I knew I wouldn’t keep it up unless I had some sort of a plan in place. For me it’s do it all right or not do it at all. (not the best strategy)

I also blame the weather. (Can’t wait for warmer days)

Like a lot of people out there and maybe you reading this blog post, I keep saying I’ll start fresh tomorrow but it just hasn’t happened!!! For the first time in a long time I’m just not feeling it at all. Not even planing a holiday is making me go to the gym or cut out the junk food.

I think we all get a bit overwhelmed with all the different diets; rules of when, what or how much to eat and complicated exercises that we don’t even know how to execute properly.

Last year I got a fitness assessment by one of the staff in my gym and got a training program of them. It was a great starting point for someone who didn’t know much about lifting weights or how much to lift. I got nicely toned but again my diet did not compliment my training. I wasn’t eating enough protein therefore I wasn’t seeing great results for the amount that I did.

I was overwhelmed. And following my own ‘plan’ that I put together from browsing articles online didn’t pay off 100%.

So I decided to get help from a fitness professional; to support me when I’m falling behind and draw up a simple, easy-to-follow plan to achieve my goal that I’ve set myself. Everyone should work towards their goal and their dreams only.  In my case, people might wonder why does a size 8 girl needs to go to the gym, but I’m actually going to try to put on muscle (not fat) and that’s just as hard as losing weight and anyways, I enjoy going to the gym because I find it quite rewarding. So it’s not going to be an easy journey but hopefully with the help of my PT, it will be achievable.

I’ve heard amazing things about Stephen Gill (Stephen Gill Fitness) but when I met him for a consultation I was blown away by his knowledge and professionalism. He is so inspiring and I knew from the minute I met him that I’m in good hands; you can just tell when someone is passionate about what they do.

Stephen got my measurements and asked what my goal is. I also filled out a couple of forms, one which was about my current daily food intake. I had to list what food groups I like and dislike the most so that he can create a nutritional programme to suit my taste. (Most important piece in this puzzle)

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.



I’m excited to have Stephen guide me through this journey. If you haven’t seen his insane transformation then check out his Instagram account here and give him a follow. He’s currently taking on new clients at District Health and Fitness studio in Galway. So far I’ve discovered that we have one thing in common – our love for Rich Tea Biscuits. So they will have to be on my plan!

My goal is to really see definition in all parts of my body which means I’ll have to get rid of some (a lot of ) bad habits such a snacking non-stop and introduce some better ones such as eating nutritious meals 3-4 times a day (oh that prep craic I always avoided) but I’m so ready!

So to finish off this post I’m just going to leave these photos here 😀 . You gotta dream big right?


I look forward to sharing #myfitnessjourney with you all. I’ll be posting some simple and quick recipes under Healthy Living category so pop over when you’re running out of ideas. If you know some fitness accounts that are a must to follow, please leave them below in comments!

Simona x