Review: Boots ‘YourGoodSkin’ Skincare

I was in need of new face creams (I like to finish a product before I purchase new ones, I’m awful good like that) and I wanted to try out something new. I was checking out some of the brands in Boots when I saw a new packaging I had never seen before. It looked very pretty and the name sort of sold it to me before I even started to look at the ingredients and the benefits of it. The price was also a great selling point, there was (still is) an offer 3 for 2 and I got all three for about €25.

I was looking for something light but hydrating and on the label this seemed to do just that. I decided to buy all three products as I am always told that they would work better with each other and give it the 28 days.

YourGoodSkin is a brand new skincare range by Boots.

I bought:

  • Balancing Skin Concentrate
  • Anti Oxidant Day Cream (SPF 30)
  • ProVitamin Overnight Cream

Boots Your Good Skin Skincare ReviewOn the label it says that if you use it for 28 days it will improve the 5 key signs of healthy looking skin; skin texture, skin tone evenness, radiance, moisture levels & oiliness. SOLD!

I’ve used it for over 2 months now, so more than 28 days. I’m running out of the skin concentrate but seems like I still have a good bit left in the other two.


I was looking for a lightweight moisturiser, and that’s exactly what they are. The skin concentrate is lovely and makes your skin radiant alright but I do find that it doesn’t penetrate deep into my skin, it’s more cosmetic. It does even out your skin tone too, so thumbs up for that. The day cream with SPF 30 did make my skin feel hydrated for a while. I’m not blaming the product, I guess my skin is just very thirsty so I felt it wasn’t enough.


I did the same at night, apply the concentrate first and the pro vitamin overnight cream after and my skin felt fine and moisturised, but when I wake up in the morning and wash my face I feel like I’m washing the moisturiser off. I’d like it to be fully absorbed into skin.

So my verdict is: if you have normal to combination skin, this should be good for your skin, but read the labels properly and see that it suits your skin type. My skin is extremely dehydrated so unfortunately this wasn’t enough to rescue it.

Simona x