My Current Favourite Beauty Products | MARCH

I love writing this blog post because it’s something I’m obviously obsessed with at the moment! I’ve been using a few new skincare and makeup products and like I said before I like to try them for a while before I write a review. I’ll start with this beautiful primer from Flomar.

Flomar Double Radiance Primer I discovered this gorgeous product from a very talented make up artist Tara Power who mixed this primer with a foundation and made my skin super glowy! I couldn’t believe the result especially when I told her that my skin just absorbs anything that goes on it. In this picture I used this primer with Ken Boylan’s Foundation in colour N45. My skin was so dewy and I totally recommend trying it out. I used 50/50 of the primer and foundation and blended it with a damp beauty blender.

Aveeno Baby Daily Care Moisturising Lotion Well if Jennifer Aniston is a brand ambassador of this brand, then it has to be good! But to be honest I went into Boots looking for a really hydrating moisturiser and I was picking up stuff like coconut oil etc. and the lovely guy working there said that it will just clog up my skin and suggested this moisturiser instead. It has totally relieved my dry and flaky skin. I use it after my shower every time and my skin feels like baby skin! This moisturiser has colloidal oatmeal in it which is a nutrient-rich ingredient for the skin. It helps hydrate dry skin, evens tone and texture, and soothes irritation. Delighted I got recommended this and I’m 100% recommending this to everyone! (I know it says it’s for babies; even better, less chemicals!)

aveeno baby daily care moisturising lotion

UltraPure Rose Water I also picked up a bottle of this gorgeous rose water. I used it before and loved it. Instead of using harsh face toners that contain alcohol etc., after I wash my face I pour some of this rose water on a cotton pad and dab it gently all over my face. It’s very refreshing and soothing. Again, perfect for sensitive skin and all skin types.

Ultra pure rose water

Ken Boylan Makeup Play Eye Shadow Palette Oh I fell in love with this palette! The pigments are so gorgeous and great for bringing your eye colour out. I could do a simple day look and a darker night look with just 3 shades. The first one on the left is fab to blend all over the lid for day time look, it made my green eyes pop and I use the colour on the right in the corners of my eyes and below my eyebrow to highlight. The middle colour is gorgeous all over the lid too for a darker evening look, your eyes will be captivating! ken boylan makeup play

Lancome Cils Booster XL Has anyone tried this before? If not, you are going to be obsessed when you do! This eyelash white mascara acts like a primer; so it protects, lengthens and thickens your eyelashes. I saw such a huge difference that I don’t go a day without using this product. It really does make your eyelashes visibly longer. I let it dry for about 10 seconds before applying mascara. Treat yourself (it’s not cheap but so worth it)!

I hope you are going to try some of my current favourite beauty products or maybe you have already tried and tested some of them, then let me know your thoughts?

Until next time,

Simona x