What to do & where to eat in Sorrento

I’ve just returned from the most beautiful part of Italy, where views are breathtaking and the food is delicious. I still can’t believe I had never heard of the Amalfi Coast until recent years and now it’s on everyone’s bucket list and it should be!

We decided to visit a couple of towns and villages on the Amalfi Coast starting with Sorrento. We flew into Naples and from there got a direct bus to Sorrento town. One thing I’ve learned from this holiday is just to ASK for directions, don’t try to figure things out yourself ha! We tried looking for the bus and in the end we missed it and had to get the next one, so it’s just a waste of time!

In Sorrento we stayed in Settimo Sielo Hotel which is situated on a hill which is why I booked it. The view of Marina Grande and the Bay of Naples is just gorgeous especially at night! The hotel itself was lovely with a nice pool, substantial breakfast and only a short walk from town centre (approx. 10 mins).

As I mentioned the food was just unreal anywhere we ate but I wanted to list a few of our favourite places.

  1. Cafe Latino Restaurante

This is a gorgeous restaurant on the main street in Sorrento. This place was a good find as when we walked through the little alleyway it turned out to be in a large lemon garden with live music. It was just fabulous! The food was delicious but I mostly enjoyed the atmosphere.

2.  Ristorante Parrucchiano Favorita

This restaurant was absolutely beautiful! We actually didn’t see it until our last night in Sorrento. It’s just a small door that you’d easily miss if you weren’t paying attention. But once you walk in, there is a huge two floor restaurant with the largest lemon garden ever. It was actually so pretty I thought – how does this place exist in the back of this small building!?

3. Ristorante La Fenice Sorrento

This restaurant was recommended to us by the hotel’s staff. We asked for a restaurant where locals eat and he suggested this place. I always think the food is always good if the locals eat at it! And he was right, the food was fab and not overpriced.

4. Taverna Sorrentina Sweet Dream

I also have to mention this place as we had a few lunches and beers here at happy hour. It’s on the way into town centre and it was a handy place to grab some light lunch here. But what amused us the most about this place is the owner, he is absolutely gas. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Italy but they are crazy drivers here. There was a couple trying to cross the street to go into his restaurant but they couldn’t cross because of the traffic so the owner went over to them, literally stopped all traffic and crossed the road with them. It was so funny, the couple were in disbelief of what had just happened ha!

Besides food, Sorrento is a nice town with plenty of things to see and do. This was our base also for taking a day trip to Capri and a trip to Pompeii. We also went for a drink at Marina Grande and walked around the old town.

Sorrento ItalyItaly_hotelsettimosieloItaly_marinagrandeItaly_marinagrandeatnightItaly_marinagrandebeachItaly_pastaItaly_shoppingItaly_sorrentolemonsItaly_sorrentoplatesItaly_sorrentotown


Simona x


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