Laser Eye Surgery | Treatment & Recovery

Hi guys,

It’s been exactly 3 weeks since Pat and I got our laser eye surgery done in Lithuania. Pat was very keen to get it done before the end of last year (2018) as he got fed up wearing glasses where as I’d wear contact lenses and I knew they weren’t good for my eyes anymore as they would be so dry and sore at night.

We always knew we’d get it done in Lithuania as they are experts in this industry and the price difference is quite substantial compared to Ireland or UK. My brother and other friends had previously got theirs done in the same clinic so we knew we were in good hands. We sort of planned it around Christmas so we could spend time with my family but yet have the time off to recover and well I’m so glad we did that!

Consultation Day

On consultation day they used five different machines to test the health of our eyes and then we did the same amount of tests with the pupils dilated to thoroughly examine the interior of the eye (when eyes are relaxed). Look at my pupils below! laser eye surgeryI was nervous going in for the consultation because I was afraid I wouldn’t be a right candidate and same for Pat but thankfully after a multiple of tests they confirmed our eyes were healthy and we could get the procedure done two days later. A lot of things impact whether you are a good candidate for the procedure or not. The most obvious one is not having any vision affecting eye disease. Also the thickness of your cornea (outer layer of the eye) is important too, that’s why long term contact lens wearers might be at risk of their cornea thinning. Surgery is possible only when the visual impairment is between -8 and +3 diopters but everyone’s case is different.

Procedure Day

I guess it’s easy for me to say I didn’t find it TOO invasive because I was used to wearing contact lenses and changing them every single day (touching my eye) so a procedure like that didn’t bother me too much and it was pain-free. Some people might feel like screaming when they hear that they have to clamp the eye but that’s to prevent you from blinking and anyhow the procedure only lasts 20 mins for both eyes, it flies by! You are told to look at a green light so you are not really seeing anything else but that! Once we were done, they put in protective contact lenses to wear for four days (to prevent from eye infections etc.) and come back for a check up.

Two Days Post Procedure

OK, this is where the fun began! (Not!) After the procedure, our eyes were very sensitive to light so you are told to wear sunglasses and rest is the best medicine. One day after the procedure my eyes were very sore and gritty, where as Pat felt great. It’s so different for everyone. On the second day I felt much better as I had spent the whole day in bed the day before but Pat’s eyes were quite sensitive. It’s a really strange feeling, I was telling people it feels like you just chopped up a white onion and that’s how your eyes feel for the whole day!

We did leave the house to enjoy the snow, no snowball throwing though! 49561083_311408532853654_3500912947746570240_nCost

This is only a guide as prices might change but we paid €880 for the procedure  (both eyes) which includes a two year guarantee (any check ups etc.) and €18 for consultation. Of course it’s much cheaper than Irish clinics but don’t forget you might be able to get tax back if you get it done in Ireland so it might work out just the same.

I guess in total you’d need to schedule a full week for this, between consultation day, procedure day and a check up. I know there is a new technology out which has very little downtime to your eyes and you can go back to work the following day.


I thought when my eye sight got better a couple of days later after our last check up that this would be it, but unfortunately for me it was only the start. Like I mentioned before and they tell you this in the clinic, recovery period is so different for everyone. It might take a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Pat’s eye sight was perfect 5 days later but I started getting blurred vision and what they call a halo effect. I 100% put it down to my eyes being naturally drier and weaker than Pat’s due to me wearing contact lenses. seesight-through-glassesIt’s been exactly 3 weeks now and my eye sight is still adjusting which is perfectly normal and I’m really minding them. No eye makeup, no swimming or saunas, no rubbing. I started doing 1 minute eye exercises to strengthen my eye muscles so I feel this will help them in the future. Every day I feel like they are improving and I just can’t wait when they are 100% perfect.

I guess my piece of advice would be if you do wear contact lenses, try wearing them correctly all the time – that is, don’t over-wear them as your eyes need oxygen and never ever leave them in at night. Or just swap them for glasses when you can. Since I got the laser eye surgery done I am using eye drops every single day and my eyes have never looked as white and healthy!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and I hope you found it informative, if you have any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Simona x




4 thoughts on “Laser Eye Surgery | Treatment & Recovery

    1. Hi Florin,
      After I used up my antibiotic drops I started using Hylo-forte, they provide intensive lubrication, so they were good but have to admit I didn’t like the bottle and it’s use (made with no preservatives and it’s phosphate free). But my clinic recommended getting (THEA) Thealoz Duo & Thealoz Duo Gel online, so that’s my next purchase – they are for very dry eyes. Hope this helps. Simona

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