Is Your Skin Dehydrated & Sensitive Too? | Here Are Some Solutions

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Today I wanted to write a little bit about my skin, how it’s changed over time and leave some solutions here which you might find useful.

In my early 20’s I always thought I had dry skin until I got it scanned by this special machine in a beauty salon only to found out I had very dehydrated skin (different from dry skin)! I know I’m not great for drinking 2 litres of water everyday but I realised my skincare lacked in hydration too!

Besides my skin being dehydrated, it does be quite sensitive in winter too and gets quite tight and uncomfortable. It also reacts to harsh weather or sun exposure, after eating spicy food or drinking alcohol. It’s something I learned to deal with over time but I also had to improve my skincare which has really boosted my confidence and self esteem since.

So what’s changed?

I’ve learnt that I need to protect my skin’s natural barrier and not weaken it further by exfoliating. I think it’s quite common that we think we have to exfoliate our skin when it’s flaky but it’s quite the opposite. The skin is screaming for hydration. Same goes with oily skin, we think we need to use harsh products and cleansers to dry out the skin but the skin ends up producing more oil by over washing it.

Anyways, here are some tips I’ve picked up over the years for my dehydrated and sometimes sensitive skin and I hope those of you who have similar skin type will be able to relate.

OK, first of all I said goodbye to spicy food and strong alcohol (especially wine), I can certainly live without them 🙂 Water intake has been upped too! I add lemon for some flavour and I find drinking through a straw helps me consume more water, is that strange?

Secondly, I started wearing a moisturiser with SPF everyday, my skin is so sensitive to sun exposure that it’s just not an option to leave the house with out it anymore especially in summer months. Never mind getting a few freckles, I’m at an age where I know and understand that I have to wear it to protect my skin from premature wrinkling and cancers.

What’s my daily routine?

For my everyday skincare it took me a while to figure out what suited my skin, I spent so much money trying out high streets brands which seemed to all contain fragrance, essential oils or parabens so I never seemed to find the right product. I then invested in some premium products and finally started seeing results. I researched ingredients that lock in moisture and improve texture so some products I use now have hyaluronic acid in them which holds up to 1000 times its weight in water.

I’ve also learnt that my skin goes so so dry once I towel dry it (I mean like straight away!), so anymore and it is recommended to do this, after cleansing, I apply my moisturiser and serums on damp skin so it absorbs the moisture and locks it in for longer.

I’ve also invested in a night cream which helps soothe and repair my skin as hydration levels decline at night. I also apply eye cream and line corrector which contain peptides to work deep into my skin to activate collagen production.

But here are some products I’m currently using to hydrate my skin on a daily and weekly basis which are so gentle. I use the hydrating masque twice a week. It smells divine as it contains cactus and pine-cone extracts! I use the recovery fluid every day, morning and night, rose hip oil a couple of times a week and moisture mist all throughout the day (I use it on my hair too to detangle it). Of course there are other products I use with them, but these are for hydrating my skin alone.

  1. Hydrating Creamy Masque
  2. Recovery Fluid
  3. Rose hip Oil
  4. Moisture Mist
Skin Hydration
Creamy Hydrating Masque
Recovery Fluid
A'kin Certified Organic Rosehip Oil
Atkin Rose Hip Oil for Deep Nourishment
NuSkin Moisture Mist
Moisture Mist with Hyaluronic Acid

I still exfoliate my skin weekly but I only use products that are not harsh on my skin. I choose between a chemical peel, a polishing peel and a mud mask, depending on my skin needs but I will cover this topic again.

I hope this article helped a small bit for those who have sensitive and dehydrated skin. My main advice is find products that are free from fragrance, parabens etc and choose products with ingredients that help solve the problem rather than cover it up!

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