Cinque Terre | Manarola

Hey guys!

Just wanted to share some photos from the beautiful Manarola in Cinque Terre. It was the second village we visited and fell in love with! I’ll include some tips we picked up along the way too.

How to get to La Spezia from Milan:

We booked train tickets in advance on TrainLine and got the TrenItalia train to La Spezia. It takes exactly 3.10 hours with a direct train but they are comfortable and have sockets if you need to charge your phone. We accidentally left for Cinque Terre a day early (oops) so when we were nearly in Genoa, the ticket lady informed us that the train tickets we had were for the next day. Thankfully she didn’t issue us with a fine or make us purchase new tickets which would have cost us €160 (I KNOW!) so we got off at Genoa and organised new tickets there. Drama, but there’s nothing we could do, we just wanted to continue with our journey.

From La Spezia there are very frequent trains to all the villages all costing at €2 one way. Because we only did two villages we didn’t get the day pass which I think cost around €16 and allows you to take as many trains as you want that day. We booked these online as well with TrenItalia as ques to ticket machines were so long in July!

Ice Cream in Manarola: OMG, if you’re like me and LOVE ice cream but you’re are dairy intolerant, go into 5Terre, it’s on the main little street, you can’t miss it on the right. They have lots of different ice creams, lactose and gluten free. They also do alcohol slushies, they were delicious too! A lot of the gelato places do sorbets (all fruit flavoured).

Beer in Manarola: If you don’t feel like paying €7 for a beer, you can get them in a shop for half the price.

Swimming: The swimming area isn’t as accessible as it was in Riomaggiore but if you don’t mind some rock climbing, the views are gorgeous from there! Some crazy people were jumping of a very high rock, it was scary to watch! There is also another swimming area at the end of the walkway with beautiful views too.

Cinque Terre Manarola ItalyCinque Terre Manarola ItalyCinque Terre Manarola ItalyCinque Terre Manarola ItalyCinque Terre Manarola ItalyCinque Terre Manarola ItalyCinque Terre Manarola ItalyCinque Terre Manarola Italy

If you like us are only spending a day in Cinque Terre, I really do recommend visiting Manarola. When you reach the viewing point of the village, take a moment and just enjoy the view. It’s truly incredible!

Simona x