Review: BellaPierre Cosmetics | Glowing Complexion Kit

Hello ladies,

I’m back with another beauty review and today it’s all about mineral make-up!

I picked up this BellaPierre Cosmetics Kit about 5 weeks ago and used it nearly everyday in order to be able to write an honest review and spoiler alert: because I really liked it! 😉

BellaPierre Cosmetics Review

I purchased it a week before we went on holidays as I read that it’s great for oily skin because it absorbs excess oil so while I don’t have oily skin I thought it would be great to use in hotter climate.

I had seen this brand recommended by a top beautician in Ireland so I really couldn’t wait to test it out myself. But let me tell you what’s in this kit first!

I got the Glowing Complexion Essentials Kit in shade Medium which included mineral foundation, concealer, warming bronzer and mineral luminizer. Oh and a lovely kabuki brush! They do have some other kits too which I’m sure I will explore in the future!BellaPierre Cosmetics ReviewThe colour of the medium shade mineral foundation is lovely, and just the right shade for someone who is naturally fair. I had a small amount of tan on my body and it matched it well. The coverage is good, I couldn’t believe how well it blended and how well it covered everything without feeling heavy on my skin. The concealer covered dark cirles and redness well, even though I did find it too creamy at times. So unless I set it with a separate loose powder under my eyes it did separate and got into creases a little. I liked the warming bronzer but I think when you get used to pressed bronzers it’s hard to switch to loose ones but I know I will use it up regardless! Still not sure about the luminizer, I think I’ll have to give it another go!

bellapierre cosmetics review simona va
Here with mum wearing products from the BellaPierre kit

BellaPierre Cosmetics ReviewA few mistakes that I made which I don’t want you to make:

When I opened the tubs I thought hmm, this could get messy and well, it did haha! Of course it’s loose makeup so my number 1 tip is to apply it all at your dressing table and not on your bed. And don’t wear anything fancy until your makeup is complete as some residue from the kabuki brush can fall on your clothes while applying. Now, to my surprise, when some residue did fall on my black top recently I thought it wouldn’t come out but with a wipe of a towel it all disappeared – white could be a different story so just be cautious!

Overall I think it’s a great beauty product with lovely skin benefits which suits most skin types, but in particular if you have oily or acne prone skin as it absorbs excess oils and it says it doesn’t clog pores.

If you have super dry skin, my suggestion would be to find a LIQUID Mineral Foundation which will deliver same benefits but will hydrate your skin and give a dewy finish.

The only stockist of this in Ireland that I know of is BioFreshSkincare!

Thanks for reading & have a lovely Wednesday,

Simona x