About Me

Hi everyone,

First of all thanks so so much for clicking on the many links and invites I probably sent you to check out my new website or my Facebook Page. I’m a bit of a computer nerd deep at heart really, so I decided to start this small project to test my PC skills but as you know or will find out I do love fashion and beauty too so why not put the two together and see where it goes! After all life is short so why not do something that makes us happy no matter what it is! We doubt ourselves and doubt is the biggest killer of our dreams, so do it NOW, not another time.

I guess this brings me to tell you a little about myself. I’m originally from Lithuania but moved to Ireland at a young age. It was such a big and a tough move. From meeting new friends at that awkward age to learning a new language I remember I struggled a lot. My school was great though, they gave me all the support I needed and slowly I started to feel like myself again. After I met an amazing group of girls, they made it so easy for me to fit in and I guess after that it wasn’t long before I quickly immersed into the Irish life and their way of living.

Fast forward a couple of years (a lot of years haha) I’m now a qualified marketing professional and a model with Catwalk Modeling Agency. I can’t imagine where I’d be right now if I had never moved to Ireland (I actually had a choice to stay with my granny). It’s crazy to think how our lives change direction every day, every minute. We change plans, make hard decisions all that shape the rest of our lives. I’m trying to love and live my life to the full every day and appreciate all the little things. I really hope we all do.

Life is short so why not do something that makes us happy today.

So please join me on my little adventure of blogging. I hope that even 1% of you will find my posts fun, informative or relatable. It means a lot to me for you read something I put a lot of thought and work in, so thank you!

Please comment, like or share, I would love to get your feedback and suggestions. I’m really looking forward to writing more blog posts!

Simona x